TOEFL test dates in and nearby Ivano-Frankivsk

Ivano-Frankivsk currently offers 4 test dates in the upcoming months. You have to sign up for a test well in advance on the ETS website to save your spot. Keep in mind that it takes about 15 days until you receive the test results so pick a test date that leaves you sufficient time to meet your application deadlines. It is possible that some of the test dates shown below are already booked out. Make sure that you check the ETS booking system for real-time availability. Learn how to register for the TOEFL test.

If there is no suitable test date for you in Ivano-Frankivsk, you can also consider other test locations nearby, such as Lviv or Crisana.

Prepare for the TOEFL test

It is very important to prepare for the TOEFL exam. Even if you think that your English level is already good enough to pass the TOEFL test, it is important to get used to the test format. Below you can find some material that helped friends and me to successfully prepare for the TOEFL test.

Upcoming TOEFL examinations

Date Test Type Test Fee
2018-05-05 TOEFL iBT US$180
2018-06-02 TOEFL iBT US$180
Lviv 113km
Date Test Type Test Fee
2018-04-07 TOEFL iBT US$180
2018-04-21 TOEFL iBT US$180
2018-04-27 TOEFL iBT US$180
2018-05-05 TOEFL iBT US$180
2018-06-02 TOEFL iBT US$180
2018-06-16 TOEFL iBT US$180
Crisana 150km
Date Test Type Test Fee
2018-05-05 TOEFL iBT US$205
2018-06-16 TOEFL iBT US$205
Maramures 156km
Date Test Type Test Fee
2018-05-19 TOEFL iBT US$205


TOEFL is a standardized English test that is typically required to apply for an English-taught study programme in the US universities in other countries world-wide. In most cases, the test is entirely conducted using a computer (internet based test). The TOEFL test score is composed out of four parts (reading, listening, speaking, writing) and ranges from 0-120. Universities typically ask for a score in the range of 79-90.

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